Regulament “Giveaway Instagram – Acnemy Pillow”

2 thoughts on “Regulament “Giveaway Instagram – Acnemy Pillow”

  1. Monika spune:

    I have questions regarding washing  acnemy pillowcase.
    Assuming that I’m using it every single night. How often do I need to wash it?
     How many washes, antibacterial properties of the pillowcase will last?
    Best Regards,

    1. ACNEMY.RO spune:


      The pillowcase has the same washing cycle as a regular pillowcase.
      Regarding how many washing cycles the antibacterial properties withstand, they are related to the fabric and do not disappear after a certain number of washes. However, our recommendation is always to wash it by hand. Over time, the fabric will be less antibacterial, but it is not a specific number of washes. These decrease over time, but if properly cleaned, it lasts longer.

      Thank you!

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